Working with wedding planners

In today’s market, everyone is looking for ways to bring in more business and save on expenses. One of the best ways to increase your presence in the market and save on advertising as a wedding photographer is to work with a wedding planner.

There are several types of wedding planners. Not all wedding planners give their styles or services they provide titles but they can be broken up into groups. Some wedding planners are basically brokers. They facilitate service providers. As brokers, they seek to find the best vendors in the market for each category associated with the wedding industry. They interview service providers, check references and preview vendors previous work samples and ask a few top performers to be in their portfolio. These wedding planners then coordinate all necessary wedding services for their clients. Working with this sort of wedding planner can be very lucrative for you. However, these wedding planners are very selective and very demanding. Most of the contact that you have with this planner will be over the telephone and computer until the day of the wedding. Be careful when entering into relationships with them.

The next category of wedding planner is one that takes a much more personal approach. They accompany the bridal party to interview all prospective vendors for the event. They are the go between for the bride and the wedding photographer. This wedding planner can be very valuable to you by bringing you business and keeping a positive relationship while working with the stressed out bride. Though the wedding planner works for the bridal party, he or she is a neutral party and can help you negotiate your contract for the wedding. If you have a good relationship with this wedding planner, you are sure to gain business in the future through their clients.

Some wedding vendors become so comfortable with working with bridal parties and have been in the business so long that they become wedding planners, themselves.

It is not uncommon for a boat captain to offer the rental of their boat and their wedding officiating services as part of a package deal to couples. These same Captains often advertise themselves as wedding planners and contract out wedding photography services. This type of wedding planner can be your most
promising contact. Typically, they take care of all of the leg work and you only need show up on the wedding day with your equipment and shoot the ceremony and or reception.

Regardless of which type of wedding planner you enter into a relationship with, the benefits will be unending. As always, make sure you check references and always read contracts before signing.

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