Wedding Photography- Direct Marketing Tips

Small to medium-scale entrepreneurs usually do not have much to spend on marketing when they initially launch their business. Fortunately for us wedding photographers, word of mouth and setting up free accounts on social networking sites are the best advertisement, so you can practically launch your business and market it for free.

But aside from these two techniques, what other ways can you use for direct marketing your wedding photography business?

Here are a few suggestions that I have:

  •  Harness the power of social networking sites. In Facebook, for example, create a separate account under your name where you can post all the business-related stuff and another account for your personal use. Better yet, create a fan page for your business.
  • Sign up for Twitter to update your past and prospective customers about your wedding photography business activities. It’s really quite easy to use sites like these to promote your brand. Add to these a frequently updated blog, and you’re all set!
  • Always stay in touch with your network of clients.
  • -Offer your services for free if it’s for a good cause. Even something as simple as being the official, pro bono photographer of a local charity in your area would help a lot in improving your image as a
    wedding photography business.

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